I’m Jake Wildstrom. I’m a mathematician living in Louisville, a crochet artisan, a boardgamer, and an incurable geek. This blog is where I write about media (mostly video) which I encounter; I don’t much try to write formal reviews of most things so much as my impressions of them.

I take in a lot of Hungariana and anime, along with more straightforward geek fare. There are a lot of foreign films from various nations not known for their cinema that wander into my viewing queue. Ideally, many of the items I write about are eccentric enough that, if I didn’t watch them and write about them, you might not have seen a review of them. After all, there’s not much point to writing about something that more gifted critics than me have already done to death. Which is not to say that I don’t do that too, but I particularly hope people derive enjoyment or interest from the more obscure media I spotlight.


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