Tasting the Conspiracy, item L7: Chicken with Garlic Sauce

If it’s not clear what this is or why I’m doing it, check out the intro post.

Working through a backlog. Most of the backlog is going to be unexciting variants on things we’ve seen, but this one’s nice.

Chicken with Garlic Sauce

Garlic Sauce Graduating Class of 2016: mushroom, snow peas, carrot, broccoli, celery, water chestnut (not pictured)

What exactly is this dish? Sliced chicken with a variety of vegetables, in a rather peppy variation on brown sauce which, true to its name, has a good wallop of garlic as well as some other spices. It isn’t as fiery as the chili pepper on the menu suggests, but there’s a modest amount of pepper heat to it.

How authentically Chinese is it? It’s hard for me to say, really. This is a preparation enough beyond brown-sauce simplicity that I wouldn’t want to just shrug and say “it’s as much Chinese as it is any other culture’s” without evidence. nNd yet I haven’t found a definite original Chinese dish to point at and assert it’s the origin of this dish, but nor can I really shrug it off as a purely American innovation. It steers clear of any overtly non-Chinese ingredients or elements of preparation; I’ll give it that much.

Is it any good? I really liked it! Maybe I’m overexposed to boring brown sauces at this point, but the sauce really made this one feel fresh and bright and novel. The wide variety of veggies didn’t hurt either, providing a good spectrum of flavors and textures and colors. It basically has all the desirable qualities of Chicken with Mixed Vegetable in a far more satisfactory sauce.

How does it complement the rice? The sauce isn’t voluminous, possessing neither a cornstrarchy thickness or a large volume, so it saturates the rice lightly but thoroughly. And it’s a pretty assertive sauce, so this level of saucing on the rice endded up being just about perfect.


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