IFComp 2016: Take, by Amelia Pinnolla

Keeping it moving with my second game of the ‘comp!

Blurb: You are battle-weary. Your armor is scanty and your countenance is loathsome; you tire of the swords flicking at your neck. But you have a duty. There is nothing you can’t take.
(Content warning: Violence, implied adult themes, fameballs.)

System: Inform 7 (Glulx)

Not quite sure what the point of this one is. It’s kind of on rails, and it seems to be using the word “take” in an idiomatic way I don’t really get at all. It’s meant to be some sort of social satire, I guess, but unless you’re onboard with its basic worldview, it’s going to fall flat, as it did for me.

So, I dunno, try again.

Rating: 4


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I'm a mathematics professor at the University of Louisville, and a geek.

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