Fribble Friday: My Cup Runneth Over (2 Kings 3–5)

Nearly back on schedule! Maybe for good.

Short snarky summary: Remember that Moabite rebellion? We get the payoff for that line here, with a disasterous but ultimately successful military campaign. Elisha continues to be all miraculous, mostly towards non-Jews, carrying on Elijah’s legacy.

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Wibble Wednesday: Swing Low, Sweet Chariot (2 Kings 1–2)

How did it get to be March already? Ye gods, I’m terribly undisciplined.

Short snarky summary: God demonstrates his irritation with Israel by killing its leaders. A bunch of soldiers caught in the middle get struck with divine wrath too. Elijah retires to heaven, leaving his colleague Elisha, who is not quite as good at striking his enemies dead where they stand but is surprisingly good at training bears. The moral of the story is: be polite or God will murder you.

Whole lotta smitin’ goin’ on