IFComp 2015: TOMBs of Reschette, by Richard Goodness

So, yeah, I’m not judging everything this year. I am OK with that, really. It’s been One of Those Months.

Blurb: Hello, young adventurer! If you’re looking for the finest treasure, monster, and exploration experience around, why not come on down to the TOMBs of Reschette! Earn XP, Dubloons, and Gems, like any good adventurer! Solve the mysteries in the Crypt of Mysteries! Learn the tragic story of Vanity’s Dowager! Slay various monsters…and eat them! Kick back in the library with a good book! Be careful, young adventurer! The TOMBs are a dangerous place and you have no idea what kind of horrible deaths could lie in store for you!

System: Twine

OK, that was extremely silly. It wasn’t very ambitious, really, and on my first playthrough I found no way to “win” although there are lots of deaths that don’t seem so awful. Honestly, there didn’t seem to be much to say about this work. Lots of broad, camp humor, and a fairly easily traversed world.

But it turns out that there’s a fair bit more depth if you do things in the right order and in the right ways. My first traversal took some straightforward solutions and locked me out of victory. Even a “successful” traversal is somewhat trifling and silly, but at least it tries to deliver a meaningful experience, and I can appreciate that. But it’s awfully easy to miss the correct solutions and come out concluding that this work’s a complete trifle.

Rating: 6


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I'm a mathematics professor at the University of Louisville, and a geek.

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