Wibble Wednessday: End of the Line (1 Samuel 28–31)

OK, a nice long one, since I’m so often lame, and was in fact so last week. Also, שנה טובה to all and sundry as we welcome in the year 5775!

Short snarky summary: Witches aren’t all bad. But Saul continues to be a bad’un and hypocrite. He is finally killed, and unlikely circumstance conspires to keep David from actually having to kill him.

Yub nub! Eee chop yub nub!


Wibble Wednesday: Aid and Comfort (1 Samuel 26–27)

*sigh* School started, and on Wednesdays I’m out until medium-late. Readjusting to the year, but I did flake a few weeks.

Short snarky summary: David, who has repeated almost everything he has done in the narrative thus far at least twice, repeats a previous event, and then joins up with a surprisingly oblivious and trusting Philistine force.

Who is this David person, anyways?