Fribble Friday: Feels like the first time (1 Samuel 16–17)

OK. Only a bit late this time!

Short, snarky summary: Samuel decides he’s OK with the whole “king” concept and starts looking for a higher-quality monarch than Saul. He finds a shepherd’s son named David. Later, more or less by coincidence, Saul also discovers and favors David and brings him into his court. Later on, a shepherd’s son named David blunders into a battle with a Philistine strongman and emerges victorious. Saul meets and is quite taken with this young man, to whom he is introduced. Extradiegetically, the continuity editor is sacked.

Actually, if there are two Davids then maybe the one favored by God isn’t the one doing all that awful shit later


Wibble Wednesday: A king of shreds and patches (1 Samuel 13–15)

Missed another week. Sorry, folks. I’ll try to do the next one on time.

A quick shout-out to an awesome post elsewhere: I’ve talked a little about tribal oddities, and how “Levite” seems more like a profession than a tribal group, and all that, but this write-up conclusively studies all of the eighteen different entities which are vaguely tribelike and how a different subset of them gets described as “Israel” in various contexts. So, yeah, it’s not just me—there are totally several divergent tribal traditions showing up in different bits of the Bible.

But enough chatter, time for this week’s wodge-of-Bible.

Short, snarky summary: Saul loses a battle and violates a few subtle ritual precepts. Samuel doesn’t much care about the former, but loses his shit over the latter, seeing as how he never liked this whole ‘king’ idea in the first place.

Hope you enjoyed your fifteen minutes of fame, Saul

Thibble Thursday: No basis for a system of government (1 Samuel 8–12)

Didn’t I say I was going to focus and knuckle down? Sorry ’bout that. I’ve been busy — my girlfriend’s moving in, which, according to at least one midrashic redaction I’ve read and can now no longer locate, makes me liable for two of the three unforgivable sins. Oh, well. The main sin I’m worried about is slacking and not giving you your daily dose of Bibble, so let’s get it going.

Short, snarky summary: Israel wants a king. They get a king. Samuel is pissy about the entire affair.

You can’t expect to wield supreme power just ’cause some watery tart threw a sword at you!