Fribble Friday: When Good Men Go Bad (Judges 8–9)

A belated merry Christmas out there in Readerville! Nothing exemplifies the true spirit of Christmas like the epilogue to the story of Gideon, so that’s today’s reading.

Short snarky summary: Gideon, having set Israel free from idolatry and tyrrany, proceeds to fuck up everything.

This is all surprisingly unheroic


Wibble Wednesday: Not to suck up Drink; that is the Law (Judges 6–7)

At home, and at leisure, and hopefully on schedule. Gideon’s story actually logically breaks down into multiple parts, so I’m sticking for now to the bit that’s well-remembered

Short snarky summary: Israel sins again. God hassles them with Midianite raiders. God makes explicit the point that this is all their own damn fault for being so unworshipful, and then decides to deliver Israel through the agency of the vacillating, unconfident hands of Gideon.

Nobody in this story has any faith

Wibble Tuesday: Girl power (Judges 4–5)

Lost some time there, with travel and a touch of illness and whatnot. Sorry. On to the next judge. This one has more of a story than Shamgar.

Short snarky summary: Israel’s invaded again. The fairly useless general Barak raises an army, but all the real work in this story is done by women. Then we have a musical interlude.

Just about the most progressive story we get in this book