IFComp 2013: Dream Pieces, by Iam Curio

I’m starting late, but, hey, I may yet get through the Nineteenth Annual Interactive Fiction Competition. My criteria for numeric grades, unchanged in many years, are here. As always, if you’re a judge, don’t read on unless you have already played and reviewed the game yourself, and if your averse to spoilers, you won’t want to read this even if you aren’t judging.

Blurb: You are in a dream but if you stay you’ll miss out on a great birthday!

The rhymes are optional.

I assume that “Iam Curio” is a pseudonym, although I’m a bit conflicted over whether I hope or dread for a depressing, sexually explicit Swedish IF.

Since it’s a Quest game, I’m playing it online. I enabled rhymes, since I wasn’t given a particular mandate one way or the other.

Well, it’s a pretty story-free number which is mostly obsessed with language-play. Someone tries to do this every now and again, from Earl Grey to Under, in Erebus. The fact that individual items aren’t necessarily actual objects bugs me because it means the whole world model is a bit nonsensical, even by the standards of such games.

It encourages lawnmowery exploration and only really acknowledges the particular letter combinations relevant to the game, so if you want to create a LAB or a LAD, tough luck. Its limitations and fundamental linearity are somewhat mitigated by the fact that certain advancements are nicely paced — you only get access to certain ways of breaking down objects at certain times. Nonetheless, I found it all a bit trivial.

Rating: 5


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