Thibble Thursday: Passing the Sceptre (Joshua 20–24)

Yup, I’ve flaked. Fortunately, we’re headed out of the boring bits and next week we’ll be in a more fun book (namely, Judges). But first, we need to clean up some loose ends from the conquest of Canaan.

Mopping up


IFComp 2013: Dream Pieces, by Iam Curio

I’m starting late, but, hey, I may yet get through the Nineteenth Annual Interactive Fiction Competition. My criteria for numeric grades, unchanged in many years, are here. As always, if you’re a judge, don’t read on unless you have already played and reviewed the game yourself, and if your averse to spoilers, you won’t want to read this even if you aren’t judging.
Spoilers ahoy!

Sibble Saturday: One for you and one for me (Joshua 13–19)

Gah, I completely fell out of the swing. Some of it was life-complication, some of it was straight-up lameness. Sorry. It was hard also to build up much enthusiasm for this section of Joshua, which is pages on pages of tribal divisions.

The short, snarky summary: Canaan is conquered. Time to split it up among the tribes, preferably without too much squabbling.

But I don’t _like_ Hebron! Can I trade it for a bit of the Jordan riverbank?