Bánh mì in Louisville (part 12 of an onging series): Bánh Mì Hero revisited (a couple of times)

I’ve really been remiss in writing about Bánh Mì Hero. I’ve been back several times since my first visit, and I really ought to report on it’s development.

[Photo of sandwiches from Bánh Mì Hero]Banh Mi Hero on UrbanspoonBánh Mì Hero (2245 Bardstown Road) was previously reviewed here and a lot of the comments on decor, service, and price still hold. Since then, I’ve gotten a chance to go back and try a few of their other sandwiches, including Lee’s own eponymous creation and the grilled pork sandwich.

I can keep this pretty short, because a lot of the relevant matters of composition have been dealt with. Suffice to say that the fillings on all of the sandwiches I’ve had so far have been well-balanced, tasty, and extremely generous (the prices here are well north of the Iroquois-Beechmont standards, but damn do you get a lot for your money). The three sandwiches pictured here were an ample, enormous lunch for four of us.

Now, way back when, I gushed about the fillings and composition, and expressed strong reservations about the bread. I’m pleased to be able to report that the bread supply’s been worked out: Lee’s working with bakers at Sullivan and getting custom made-to-specifications rolls, and after a few false starts has gotten the right lightness and frangibility. They’re a bit weak on the bottom still, which only becomes apparent because these are such fully loaded sandwiches: the sheer weight of meat and juice from sauces takes a toll even on these robust rolls by the end. But it’s nice to be able to report that the one significant reservation I had about the sandwiches at this excellent Douglas loop joint has been resolved.

They’re still a bit Westernized, of course, which is a necessary concession to local tastes. But I have full faith that Lee will put out the most authentic product he can get people to buy, and in honesty he really does stick to very faithful designs. He’d go further if he could: he’s chatted with me about his adventures in homemade head cheese and other meat products which are a tough sell. So I don’t think I’ll see my beloved bì any time soon on his sandwiches, but Bánh Mì Hero puts an awesome selection of other meats, with no cause for complaint.


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