IFComp 2012: The Lift, by Colin Capurso

Twenty-four games. Ten days. Gotta get moving! We’re blitzing through the judging for the Eighteenth Annual Interactive Fiction Competition. As always, if you’re a judge, don’t read on unless you have already played and reviewed the game yourself, and if your averse to spoilers, you won’t want to read this even if you aren’t judging.

Blurb: You wake up a room with no memory of who you are or what you’re doing there.

Well, now, that’s an encouraging blurb. The game itself seems to be built on some manner of Javascript engine, and is pretty rudimentary: it asks you to make an initial (completely ignorant) choice of weapon, and then to make a choice of foe (only two of which are known, and one of those only in part). And then you win or lose.

Things are mostly spelled correctly, and the format doesn’t seem to lend itself to any manner of complicated technical error, but there’s really nothing here, and the actual text, in spite of not having much in the way of overt construction flaws, is kind of triflingly immature and overobsessed with general badassery.

So, yeah, not impressed here, I’m afraid. Thanks for trying.

Rating: 2


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