A bánh mì non-update (or perhaps a non-bánh mì update)

It’s been a while since I posted a bánh mì review, hasn’t it? Well, I haven’t been idle. I’ve just found it difficult to actually get a bánh mì of late.

Saigon One (333 West Cardinal Boulevard), in the Cardinal Towne complex, finally opened after the end of the semester, which was kinda poor timing. They don’t do bánh mì despite being a Vietnamese place with takeout and food that includes baguettes.

Lá Quế (1019 Bardstown Road) is a decent sit-down place in the Upper Highlands which does a variety of Chinese, Thai, and Vietnamese food. They apparently don’t do bánh mì either, which is a bit more understandable since they’re less Viet-focused and don’t have any baguette-using dishes.

This past week I was in Boston for the big annual Joint Mathematics Meetings, and on the evening of my last night there I passed the (lamentably closed) focus of my attention: a bonafide bánh mì truck! Bon Me typically lurks in Copley Square, and I haven’t tried their sandwiches. Oh, well, I’ll get back to Boston eventually.


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I'm a mathematics professor at the University of Louisville, and a geek.

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