METAPOST: Publicity old and new

A couple of things which fell by the wayside in discussing the local Viet sandwich scene: first, some old news, which I didn’t write about at the time partially because I was out of town. Remember back when I went out to get a hot dog at Morel’s when they came to my neighborhood? I didn’t mention at the time that I also ran into my acquaintance Erin Keane and a photographer who was apparently John Rott, according to the credit I later saw. Erin was writing about food trucks and interviewed me, whereupon I ranted for roughly 10 minutes about bánh mì and food trucks. She was writing an article for the Courier-Journal, which was on the front cover on June 21 — to my astonishment, with a photo of me. She wisely opted not to quote my lunatic goings-on in the C-J, but in the more freewheeling Velocity article that ran the same week, they posted both the photo and a short snippet of my babble:

[Article from the Velocity alt-insert]

Gannett fired everyone shortly thereafter and turned the Velocity into an insignificant section of the paper, so this was sort of the last gasp of a section of the C-J that does this (now we have to rely solely on the LEO, with which Erin sometimes freelances).

In other publicity news, I recently gave this blog a shameless promotion over at the Louisville Hot Bytes forums, so hello to anyone who’s stuck around and added this to their feed! Word of warning: it’s not all bánh mì all the time. Sometimes it’s Hungarian cinema or obscure comic books or suchlike.


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