The Lightkeepers

[Screenshot]This one tries so hard to be sweet and romantic and never really seems to get there; the underlying drama and reconciliation feels limp, and the characters feel largely unconvincing in their various roles. The sense of peiod never seems to come alive, either: it felt like this film wanted to very strongly be defined in both time and place, and while the place was excellently brought to life (Cape Cod, with on-site well-chosen scenes and competent cinematography), the time could’ve been pretty much anything before, oh, 1940.

Basically, it left me with very little actual impression, which is a bad thing. Excellent films I can usually come up with something to say about, even if better critics than me have seen it before. Bad films I usually have fun tearing apart. This one didn’t really give me anything in particular to say. It marches through a number of requisite plot elements to the end and never once really engages the mind.

See also: IMDB, Wikipedia.


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