Crimen Ferpecto

[Screenshot]Crimen Ferpecto is often funny, but it’s also often moderately discomfort-inducing. The discomfort comes mostly from assumed and reinforced gender roles and relations which may be in part Spanish-culture-specific. The equation of physical beauty with sanity has unfortunate implications, and Lourdes’s character is generally representative of alarming themes. But if we breeze past all that, it’s pretty enjoyable, with a pretty extraordinary sense of fun (which may go hand-in-hand with its willingness to go to thematic places that I find conflicting, actually) and some laugh-out-loud situational absurdity. Guillermo Toledo does much to hold the film together with a decent range of emotions which work within the same character: his progression from arrogant self-absorption to helpless doubt in his own sanity actually works well and showcases his talent nicely; the supporting cast are rather less versatile, at least as evidenced in the film (not that the other characters demand a particular range from their actors).

It’s an enjoyable ride, as long as you hold on to your seat when it goes over a gender-or-physical-beauty-cliché-shaped bump.

See also: IMDB, Wikipedia.


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