Memed my Hawk

[Screenshot]Seduced by the lead role of Peter Ustinov, I decided to take a look at this late-career work of his. I’m afraid it is not one of his strongest films. In fairness, he puts on a good show, playing his role with an expansive wit, but every moment he’s not on the screen drags painfully. It doesn’t help, mind, that there are no actual Turks in the production, and it’s seriously undermined by technical issues, as the DVD transfer is fairly low-quality. But mostly, it fails to really appeal thanks to long scenes of fairly static plot, where the rebels or the authorities exposit at length but not very interestingly. In the end, it didn’t leave much of an impression, although Ustinov deserves credit for his delightful (and more than a little hammy) tyranny.

See also: IMDB, Wikipedia.


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