[Screenshot]Tenderness is a rather languid take on a thriller. We know the central character fels the need to kill, but are given neither a really good fleshing out of that motivation, as might befit a more psychological film, or indulgence thereof, as would suit a less cerebral approach to the work. As such, this film somewhat falls between two stools, building up expectation but very little tension. Lori’s character is likewise enigmatic: while we get a good idea of the superficial purposes of her actions, the underlying psychologicasl state served by those purposes is left obscure. The pursuing policeman is the most understandable character, which is helped by strong acting by Russell Crowe, although even his plot is not without incomprehensible lacunae: his dying wife is obviously introduced for a purpose, presumably to create contrasting motivations: the duty to stay by his wife versus the mania to pursue, his intense quest for judgment versus his wife’s softer view of crime — but none of these conflicts actually seem to bother him, and the film doesn’t seem to be attempting to raise these conflicts either.

On technical aspects, this is not a bad film, but it is constructed in a way that is problematic and, in the end, fails to cohere into a satisfactory whole.

See also: IMDB, Wikipedia.


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