The Tick

[Screenshot]This is well-regarded as a faithful adaptation of Ben Edlund’s excellent comic book, but I found it oddly tedious — individual episodes felt rushed, and perhaps the line delivery was off, because I didn’t feel it packed the punch I thoguht the snappy dialogue in the comics had. There were animation difficulties as well: although in stills most of the characters look right, their motion feels blocky and cheap (I may have been spoiled by better, more recent animation), and lip movements match speech badly enough that I noticed (which I usually don’t). All in all, the adaptation felt somewhat half-hearted: either my memory of the comic books is unusually rose-tinted or they were a lot funnier and fresher than this series was. It’s possible that the better bits of the comic were unairable in broadcast for children.

See also: IMDB, Wikipedia.


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