IFComp 2009: “Beta Tester”

This is a game from the 2009 IFComp. Last one!

With respect to the “Pause” thing: explaining an irritating
mechanic doesn’t make it any less irritating. This colored my whole
experience. I might have put up with the over-the-top and frequently
fizzled whimsy if it had been less uncomfortably presented. I can buy
that comedy needs comic timing, but, uh, if you’re inserting that many
beats, you’re not actually that good at it.

Technically, it starts out OK, although I ran into a few
unimplemented actions and disambiguation issue. Near the end, though,
there are far too many unimplemented objects for me to get a feel for
what’s going on, and given how physics-intensive this game is trying
to be, not being able to get a visual on individual items is a real
problem. None of the NPCs are responsive at all, so if there’s
something I’m supposed to do with them, I totally missed it in a
flurry of non-response.

Tonally, this game feels all wrong. It’s trying for wacky humor and
mostly just pissing me off. The individual activities feel really
physics-heavy. I’m sure the author had a totally awesome Rube Goldberg
machine in mind for the original bell-ringing, but, look, that kind of
thing doesn’t come through in text (kinda like comedy beats don’t,


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I'm a mathematics professor at the University of Louisville, and a geek.

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