BPAL: Miskatonic University, Rapture, The Robotic Scarab, Shadow Witch Orchid, Tempest, and Wrath

Rapture, Shadow Witch Orchid, and Tempest were freebies; the others were part of my Big Recent Order.

Miskatonic University: The scent of Irish coffee, dusty tomes and polished oakwood halls.
In bottle: Bailey’s Irish Cream. It’s a near-perfect olfactory match, with a hint of caramel.
On skin, wet: Quite the same, but there seems to be a citric note coming out.
On skin, drying: The whiskey-and-cream scent takes a back seat to an emerging coffee flavor. It actually resolves into something pleasant and not overly sweet, but still with a fair bit of impact.
Later: Stays strong for long, keeping a sweet caramel and coffee flavor.
Verdict: Like Drink Me, this one is conflictingly foody, but the caramel, coffee, and slight whiskey flavor is maybe easier to justify than the scrumptious bakery-and-fruit scents.

Rapture: Sensual ecstasy, the blinding red fire of the apex of sexual pleasure: Moroccan rose, Sumatran rose, mandarin, Egyptian myrrh, night-blooming jasmine, bergamot and neroli thrust into Arabian musk.
In bottle: Roses and cinnamon. The floral-and-spice mix reminds me a little of Faustus, which is encouraging, although the cinnamon has a bit of that synthetic-candy scent to it that worries me.
On skin, wet: The cinnamon smells a lot less synthetic on skin, to my relief, and there’s a darker, almost bitter undercurrent that I can’t quite indentify. The rose scent opens up a lot to give a prominent floral element.
On skin, drying: The roses stay prominent, and the bitter undercurrent is still bleeding through nicely to give it a certain air of mystery.
Later: The rose stays strong, but the other scents fade in a few hours, which is a pity.
Verdict: I like how it starts, but the finish is an unfortunately unmixed rose scent, which is a bit too plain, and a bit too floral.

The Robotic Scarab: Polished metallic notes, glossy leather, frankincense, star anise, and thin lubricating oils.
In bottle: Anise with something woodsy and resiny.
On skin, wet: The anise strengthens significantly, and the resin develops a sharp edge, which is a bit like what I’m starting to identify as BPAL’s “leather” scent.
On skin, drying: It gets a lot woodsier with frankincense muscling to the forefront. I can still smell anise, and there’s a very light metallic edge coming into play.
Later: The frankincense stays strong, and the metallic notes keep it bright. It’s keeps decent throw and never gets too sweet.
Verdict: Mmm, I like. Not too sweet, long-lasting, and for the most part delivering on the notes which intrigued me in their copy.

Shadow Witch Orchid: Orchid tubers have been used extensively by witches in their love philtres, both to promote amorous attention and the attainment of true love, and, conversely, to wither misplaced passions and sever romantic bonds. This perfume is a dusky orchid, subdued and ethereal.
In bottle: Unsurprisingly, floral. It smells more like violet than orchid to me, but I’m a bit untrained on fine distinctions and I’m a lot more familiar with violet scents than orchids. There’s an undercurrent of greenery/grass giving it a bit of complexity.
On skin, wet: The grass-scent comes out more with something almost citric. It’s still dominantly floral, but developing a sharpness that gives it some character.
On skin, drying: It becomes sweeter and more floral, but the underlying grassiness keeps it from becoming too cloying or uninteresting.
Later: It keeps it up for a long while, fading slowly.
Verdict: I like this well enough, but in terms of the sort of thing I might go in for a big bottle of, I’m not looking at florals right now, even interesting florals.

Tempest: A crisp ozone-tinged breeze. The scent of the first gentle rain before the storm.
In bottle: Ozone and something a bit like saltwater.
On skin, wet: Very ozoney, giving off something like a synthetic-“frsh-scent” vibe.
On skin, drying: Keeps the ozoney scent, and the aquatic, watery scents come back to give it some complexity
Later: It lasts a fair while and doesn’t change much.
Verdict: Not the most exciting scent: this ozoney clean scent, while different, is maybe not for me, although it does manage to be long-lasting and distinctive without being overly sweet. Further wearing is necessary.

Wrath: A scent aflame with rage, swirling in the red haze of hatred: dragon’s blood spiked with black pepper, clove, and cinnamon.
In bottle: Cinnamon and a sweet musk, maybe with a hint of clove. Also, this is bright red. Like, candy-apple red.
On skin, wet: Sweetens a bit, keeping the cinnamon note, which teeters on hot-candy territory.
On skin, drying: The clove starts coming to the fore, so it’s a sweetened clove scent which is actually quite pleasant.
Later: It gets a bit soapy, but not unpleasantly so. It stays sweetly-spicy in a way which savors slightly of the synthetic, but has enoguh natural spicing to feel right.
Verdict: I think I like it more than Bengal, although I’ll have to do a direct comparison at some point. They’re quite similar.


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