IFComp 2009: “Eruption”

This is a game from the 2009 IFComp.

The ABOUT text includes a fairly surprising rant about the quality
of the average comp game. While I might well agree with it, it seems a
rather peculiar thing to actually put in a comp game. The
context for the whole rant is of course the author’s insistence that
his game rises to a level of fundamental competency. Faint self-praise
indeed, but, very, well, I shall assess you on your own self-described

And indeed it meets them. It is technically competent, colorless,
and minimal. It’s like an unusually polished but also unusually dull
SpeedIF entry. Good for it, I guess. I’d say it made its point if I
had any clue what its point was. If it was to be something you can
point at and say, “this is what the bare minimum standard for
gamecraft competence looks like”, then, uh, mission accomplished.


About Jake
I'm a mathematics professor at the University of Louisville, and a geek.

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