The Fall

[Screenshot]The Fall is, first and foremost, visually lush. The real-world scenes aren’t exactly drab, and yet the fantastic scenes are unmistakably fantasy, with grandeur a touch of oversaturation and all the right fantastic trappings. It hits a couple of my buttons, particularly the metaleptic ones, what with the two layers of reality and the dual casting and the analogues, played for dramatic effect but not extremely tight congruence, between the real world and the story. It’s a strong piece of art, visually and structurally. The acting is quite good too, although hardly anyone except Lee Pace (who des a good job) and Catinca Untaru (who does OK, within the acceptable parameters of child actors), is really called upon to show any acting range.

So, yeah, definitely well worth the seeing. It even manages to clock in at under 2 hours, which apparently films have decided they don’t have to do any more, and yet feels epic in length and scope.

See also: IMDB, Wikipedia.


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