[Screenshot]This one is unmistakably Szerelem-era Makk. Quick-cuts and repeated visual motifs, strong epistolary elements of the plot: these are all familiar parts of the experience. But in many ways, it feels like a more mature attempt than Szerelem was: while the former really only had one source of dramatic tension, which it wore thin by the end of the film, Macskajáték is mining a rich vein of character interaction, between Erzsi and a well-fleshed-out cast of supporting characters. The range of interactions is a relief to the viewer, giving us a welcome sense of variety, and also manages to point up the principal character’s foolishness and shortsightedness without it seeming, as in Szerelem, to be a single aberrant blind spot.

Anyways, this all boils down to a simple summary: in cinematic style and technique, Macskajáték is deeply reminiscent of Makk’s earlier work, with all that entails. In other respects, including plot and characterization, it is more satisfying and substantial.

See also: IMDB, Wikipedia.


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