Sense and Sensibility

[Screenshot]It surprises me, to be honest, that people make screen adaptations of, or indeed even read, Sense and Sensibility. One can see in its construction that it’s in large part a dry run for Pride and Prejudice, which seems in many ways both a more solidly constructed and more cinematic work. But Austen, like Shakespeare, has a limited canon people keep returning to, and for better or for worse S&S is her third most well-known book.

So, on to this particular adaptation. There’s much that it does well. It has excellent sets, shot on location and capturing both the beauty and the savagery of Devonshire. It’s a TV miniseries, so it has plenty of time to tell the polt without doing short shrift uch of anywhere. It’s actually mostly excellent, but it’s brought down a bit by the acting. There’s very little passion in evidence, whichi is especially destructive to the characters or Marianne and Colonel Brandon, since their story arcs pretty much require them to be passionate. This is a pretty major flaw, but I’m loathe to condemn this adaptation out of hand for it. It’s so very beautiful, and hews well to the story, and both of those count for something.

See also: IMDB, Wikipedia.


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