[Screenshot]I allowed myself to be suckered into watching this one by a tenuous Pan’s Labyrinth connection which seduced me into expecting something deeper than it was. The connection is in the production designer, and we can give credit where credit’s due: the sets are effectively spooky when they need to be, and effectively stark when they need to be. But the actual plot was something of a disappointment. This may be an incompatibility of preference: I like mysteries, in which at the end the resolution ties together all those bewildering loose ends, but this is a thriller, which means that the resolution can be completely out of left field. The story somewhat lost me after it veered beyond the persecution of the obvious suspect. So I’ll give this one props for its visual design, which is indeed the only connection it had really drawign me in, but not much else. People who are fans of thrillers might not like it either; the part I preferred, the languid first half, might not be to their taste.

See also: IMDB.


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