Oversexed Rugsuckers from Mars

[Screenshot]Sometimes I put something in my Netflix queue just for the hell of it, even though it seems like it’ll be dreadful. The random-select on occasion works for me and delivers something awesome, but more often I get a horrible pile of crap like Oversexed Rugsuckers from Mars.

Yes, Rugsuckers is, alas, a terrible movie. Unredeemedly terrible, even: it’s not like a Troma or Ed Wood film which is fascinating in its appalling badness: rather, Rugsuckers channels a pure sophomoric essence which staggers between unfunny gags and cardboard characters. The premise in the hands of a more competent scriptwriter might have shown a certain comic potential, but it’s buried here under layers of absolutely stale (and, quite frankly, unpleasant) sex-antics.

See also: IMDB.


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I'm a mathematics professor at the University of Louisville, and a geek.

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