[Screenshot]Man. Now I know how people who haven’t read the cult-favorite books that indifferent movies are based on feel. This was actually a miniseries, not a movie, so it runs upwards of 3 hours. The overall experience is kinda indifferent. I perhaps ought to mention right now that I’ve only read a very few Pratchett stories. I have a feeling they work better as books than as movies (for much the same reason that Douglas Adams’s stories didn’t work so well on the screen: it’s the knack for description, not the things being described, where the comic genius shines). This film managed to simultaneously drag and feel rushed, with overemphasis on weird secondary plots. There are an awful lot of shots of nothing at all happening at Unseen University and at the Tooth Fairy’s palace. I get a vague impression a lot of this was included chiefly to satisfy Pratchett fans rather than produce an engrossing story.

The plot and its vagaries nowithstanding, there are some good things to be said about this movie. The casting and scenery is mostly spot on, even if the former’s pretty hammy. The effects are moderately imaginative, and it’s rich from a cinematographic standpoint. It spares no expense in bringing Pratchett’s vision to life, but unfortunately “life” isn’t what makes Pratchett’s particularl brand of something work.

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