[Screenshot]After seeing Transformers, which was a terrible action blockbuster from a decadent and bloated American industry, it’s kind of appropriate to see Resiklo, a mediocre attempt at an action blokbuster from the fledgling Filipino industry.

It is good clean fun. The plot is fairly standard postapocalyptic fare with a world-controlling government of blatant villains (some of whom are aliens), actually a little bit reminiscent of Tank Girl with the comedy and wacky bits shaved off. Somehow it more-or-less works. It helps that there are interesting bits of worldbuilding: the resource-poverty of the rebels, the existence and nonsecretiveness of human collaborationists. This is all actually relayed very badly, as neither the script nor the acting’s really up to the task, but, hey, at least there’s a good idea here.

The CG is surprisingly good. Its usage is somewhat derivative, but on a technical level it’s fairly solid, with decent mecha models and blaster effects which are at least nontrivial (there’s heat distortion around blaster rays). So all in all, this is pretty satisfactory as a slightly low-budget version of the dull American summer action flick. I have a vague feeling Reyes wanted to make the next Star Wars, which is a laudable ambition even if one falls a fair bit short. And it’s still a better move than Transformers on a fraction of the budget.

See also: IMDB, Wikipedia.


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