Bridge to Terebithia

[Screenshot]Bridge to Terebithia and I have a weird, haunted relationship. I remember being very emotionally upset by the 1985 version as a child (I was a pretty sensitive kid). I have no memories of reading the book, which is odd, since most people of my age and of similar formative experiences have very powerful memories of the book. Maybe I was so skeeved by the movie that I never read the book as a child. I have read the book, though, almost exactly a year and a half ago, on the eve of my departure from San Diego, when I was dossing in a friend’s vacant apartment which she generously let me stay in for the one night when I was without a home. Bits of what I read are hazy, though, so I’m not sure I’m equipped to do the whole compare-and-contrast thing.

So, aside from this roller-coaster ride down memory lane that my own psyche has taken me on, what is there to be said about the new movie version of Bridge to Terebithia? Well, it’s generally faithful plotwise and themewise, which means it hits all the right points: imagination, loss, family, and suchlike. It’s effectively sentimental, teetering but neverf quite falling over the edge of bathos. The acting is likewise pleasing: while Hutcherson’s a bit bland, his character comes aloive through interaction with his family, who really do work, although his elder sisters have a sort of simplistic unmotivated-villain wicked-stelpsister script. AnnaSophia Robb is awesome — maybe too awesome, actually, making her role as a loner a bit unbelievable. One might argue the narration is through Jess’s eyes so she should radiate awesome, and I can buy that (in contrast, ISTR the book hinting at a certain amount of dark loneliness in Leslie’s home life).

As for technical issues, on that point this production’s fine with no complaints. Much was made of the CGI and whether it was appropriate or not, but, hell, it’s pretty obvious to anyone paying attention which parts are fantasy.

See also: IMDB, Wikipedia.


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