The End of the Affair

[Screenshot]The End of the Affair answers an interesting question: how good a movie can you make by faithfully adapting a bad novel? Traditionally, bad novels make good movies, but the Graham Greene novel on which this story is based is bad in all the wrong ways for cinematic adaptiation. Interestingly, the film itself, in terms of cinemacraft, is good: there are excellent actors and fine cinematography with a lgit touch vaguely reminiscent of Merchant-Ivory, and a script which is actually a faithful and essential distillation of the story meant to be told. The problem, ultimately, is that the story is not very engaging. It’s buried in a morass of philosophical monologuing about atheism and Catholocism. One can’t blame the movie-makers for not making a better movie from this mess, but one can blame them for not picking one of the many authentically good Graham Greene stories to adapt.

See also: IMDB, Wikipedia.


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