[Screenshot]It’s hard to actually see what all the fuss about Atonmenet was. The plot had some teeth but no real hook and didn’t feel like it had much novelty (yes, we get a twist, but too little and too late). The things I found most interesting were less matters of plot, script, and acting, and more the sheer style. First, there was the fantastic, unreal Dunkirk beach scene. It ran a bit long but managed to stay harrowingly off-kilter throughout. Second, there was Saoirse Ronan. We spend a hell of a lot of the first half hour or so of the movie on her eyes, and they’re really shockingly cold, which makes the plot contrivance that follows seem more logical and less out-of-the-blue.

It was a competent film, and one that didn’t commit any obvious mistakes, but I never really got drawn in.

See also: IMDB, Wikipedia.


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