A Oitava cor do Arco-Íris

[Screenshot]The Eighth Color of the Rainbow is something of a curiosity. It has a clean simplicity and a fair amount of realism, but at the end, it feel somewhat pointless, perhaps because nothing really happens. Joãozinho goes to the big city, meets people, and rescues his goat a couple of times. In the end, it feels like the least remarkable slice of a fairly interesting day, inasmuch as the peripheral characters and the stories they might have seem a hell of a lot more interesting than João is. It’s a pretty film, and of some interest as a slice-of-a-different-culture, but I’m guessing Brazil has more compelling offerings out there, ones that leave me with more to say about them than “eh”.

IMDB doesn’t have this one listed. Weird, no?


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I'm a mathematics professor at the University of Louisville, and a geek.

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