La Marche de l’empereur

[Screenshot]The March of the Penguins re-invigorated the fairly sleepy nature documentary market; Planet Earth solidified it. I can’t really evaluate a documentary on the same merits as I ordinarily do for feature films, but the shooting and editing were intelligently done, capturing representative elements of the penguin’s journey, and the video alone is excellent es both entertainment and education. The soundtrack, of course, is an interesting story, since it is in this regard that the Americna release differs rather extraordinarily from the French release, which apparently had a different score, and dialogue given to the penguins (no, really). Surprisingly, the French audio track wasn’t on the DVD, which might have been a rights issue. I wish I could have heard it (with subtitles, of course) to compare. As for the audio on the version I actually heard: the score was excellent, and Morgan Freeman has an excellent narrative voice. The script perhaps overanthropomorphized the penguin’s behavior, but that’s a common flaw in nature documentaries, since you want the behavior to actually have some significance to the viewers. I’m sure it committed a far less egregious version of this offense than the original with its penguin-dialogue.

See also: IMDB, Wikipedia.


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