Дневно́й дозо́р/Day Watch

[Screenshot]It had been a long time since I’d seen the movie before tihs one, so I’d forgotten a fair bit of the background. That’s unfortunate, because it really is the continuing story of the same characters: we left things unfinished between Anton, Svetlana, and Yegor at the end of Night Watch, and this picks right up from there. So it’d lose a first-time viewer, I’m afraid. It shares most of the strengths and weaknesses of its predecessor: stunning, imaginatively used visual effects, interesting interpersonal relationships, completely incomprehensible larger picture. If one tries to take all the nattering about Great Others and Fate in stride, one loses much of the plot but still has something fairly engrossing to watch. As I mentioned previously, the visual and special effects are the most stunning aspect of this film. Some of them are tedious thriller fare, like driving a luxury automobile on the side of a building, but some are truly breathtaking, like the images in the Gloom or Yegor’s odd, incomprehensively destructive toy. Apropos of Yegor, one of the most interesting visual effects in the film is achieved with nothing but costuming: Yegor the conflicted, tormented teen looks like a common scruffy street hood, but his representation as a pawn of the Dark in dapper clothing is chilling not least because he seems to lose about 7 years of age in the transition, becoming a freaky, sadistic child.

In conclusion, Day Watch is visually interesting, with some good things going on, but you have to be willin gto sit through the parts which are completely incomprehensible. And there are about three times as many of those if you haven’t seen Night Watch, so see that first.

See also: IMDB, Wikipedia.


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