Funny Girl

[Screenshot]Barbra Streisand steals the show. She might as well be the only character in this one, really. Omar Sharif puts in a valiant attempt at consequentiality, but, honestly, this is really all about seeing Streisand be brassy and sassy in the way only she knows how. It’s worth seeing if only to get a proper context on “People” and “Don’t Rain on My Parade”, the two songs from this film that have trickled into mainstream consciousness. The other songs are well-performed too, but aren’t obligatory literacy the way those two are. As for the story away from the song-and-dance numbers, I was mostly struck by the odd datedness of the central conflict. Granted, being the noncontributing member of a relationship could be desperation-inducing nonetheless, but the primary aspact of the Nick/Fanny dynamic was solely gender-based, specifically that the woman was supporting the household and that this was somehow intolerable. It felt kind of weird to be seeing this, because it was a situation with which I had no sympathy whatsoever. So I tried my best to ignore the ridiculous plot and focus on the fine, talented starlet instead.

See also: IMDB, Wikipedia.


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