[Screenshot]I am way behind on these things, so I’m struggling to remember things. Bawarchi, then. I’ve caught Indian cinema kind of peripherally on a number of occasions, and been perplexed by it. It’s apparently the biggest film market in the world, and it makes no sense to me at all. But I figured I needed to at some point devote some time to actually trying to watch Indian cinema, instead of just sort of being exposed to it. I opted for comedy — I get the impression a lot of the classic Indian dramas are Romeo-and-Juliet-type things with seemingly inappropriate musical numbers. Bawarchi was what I got, and I have to say, in the end, I sort of dug it, but it was a bit long for what it was, all things considered. It’s a lighthearted story of a hopeless household and its capable majordomo (cook, technically, hence the film’s title), and the various sketches of his ameliorating their situation. It was extraordinarily unpretentious, and I had a feeling of a Plautus play at points with the comic patter. It worked well enough, but as I said, for such light fare, ran a bit long. Even the ubiquitous musical numbers, which I’m given to understand no Indian film can be without, were fairly few and generally pretty good (I particularly liked the ensemble song to greet the morning).

So, anyways, I don’t know if I’ll delve into the depths of Indian film any further, but I checked one out and it was not nearly as alien as feared, and was in fact a quite delightful trifle.

See also: IMDB, Wikipedia.


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