Sex in a Cold Climate

[Screenshot]This was on the same disc as The Magdalene Sisters. It delivers in a far less complicated way most of the significant points of The Magdalene Sisters: abuse by nuns, including sexual humiliation, the capriciousness of induction into the asylums, advantage taken by locals and priests…. basically the major plot points of the aforementioned film, only delivered without the pretense of plot. It even had an overlapping cast of characters: sexual abuse victim, unwed mother, orphan. But The Magdalene Sisters was consciously crafted based on Sex in a Cold Climate, so the overlap in characters, theme, and plot points is hardly a surprise. But watching them back-to-back felt tedious. Of course the cinematic movie was more visceral, since documentaries are all grainy stills and after-the-fact reminiscences. But those have their virtues, from a cinematic standpoint: it was moving to see these inoffensive old ladies gripped, in their various ways, with hate and loathing for the system which abused them so.

But, no, I never know what to say about documentaries. Especially documentaries which say the same thing as other films I’ve seen.

See also: IMDB.


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