The Court Jester

[Screenshot]My only experience with this film up to now was knowing that it was the source for the famous “pellet with the poison” patter, and that it was Danny Kaye’s magnum opus. And that it’s one of the Big Films in Traumfabrik. I didn’t know exactly what to expect except a comedy of some sort, and was kind of surprised by what seemed to me an almost pre-war style. I’m not sure what about it struck me as pre-war: maybe just its role as a comic period piece, and the fact that it didn’t take itself seirously. Anyways, not much deep to be said about this film, but it never claimed to lend itself to deep thought. The technicolor is lovely, and Danny Kaye clowns about brilliantly. The patter is delivered well and pretty damn good. The one scene with complicated choreography is actually executed flawlessly, so on technical details, this one’s good. It’s a funny film, but I guess I was in a kind of lackluster mood to appreciate it, or something.

Oh, and Angela Lansbury is in a bit role, which kind of bewildered me since Angela Lansbury is perpetually Mrs. Iselin in my mind. Her role in The Court Jester is plenty vicious but not nearly as competent as Raymond Shaw’s mother.

See also: IMDB, Wikipedia.


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