Queer as Folk US version, episodes 1–3

[Screenshot]I should maybe do more research. i noted the name, knew it was a British series, and had heard it was a comedy. I’m into comedy, and sufficiently gay-friendly that I don’t find a focus on the gay community threatening or disturbing or immoral or whatever most folks get all up in arms about.

Two problems, however: while it’s based on a British series, what I got was a US series. I’m not sure how different they are. Bigger, and more serious, is the focus and tone. The tonal issue is a straight-up classification thing: it’s more drama than comedy, at least in what I saw. It’s got funny bits, sure, but by and large the various trials and tribulations of the leads’ lives are played straight, as serious issues. That’s OK although not what I was looking for. As to focus, well, maybe the intervening seven years have softened the issue a bit, but I got both an “us vs. them” vibe (explicitly stated at least once) and a feeling that the lives of at least this particular subculture was in fact completely alien. To go into more details on the latter point: there are people (of all orientations) who go clubbing habitually, and there are probably clubs very nearly as grotesquely hedonistic (for any gender/sexual orientation) as Babylon. But it comes off as a gay cliche, and a gay cliche which I don’t think is actually indicative of the habits of most gay people. It’s just kind of unnerving, being shown this alien world of writhing people in all levels of costume/undress, and having this held up as some sort of standard of gay lifestyle. That’s a definite subculture of the gay community, I know, but I get the impression it’s not actually representative of the cultural mores held in the larger body.

So all this was kind of distracting from the plot, which was there, and pretty good, but I couldn’t get engaged by it.

See also: IMDB, Wikipedia.


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