Shaun of the Dead

[Screenshot]Like so many films which everybody raves about but nobody specifically recommends to me, Shaun of the Dead made me feel vaguely like a community outsider. I don’t watch horror films generally, and I particularly haven’t made a point of watching zombie flicks. The original Night of the Living Dead, and that’s pretty much it. So I may be missing out on some of the background. The beginning is excellent: the subtly off-kilter Britain whose inhabitants are taking to lurching even more than usual, and without the benefit of a few pitns; but as the zombie invasion becomes full-fledged rather than peripheral, IMO, a lot of the story gets kinda bogged down. Maybe I’m just not a zombie-movie person, because this whole school of survival-horror kind of doesn’t work for me. And since the original genre doesn’t work for me, I’m not as sensitive to the presumably hilarious elements being spoofed as most folks seem to be.

Anyways, the problem in this case is probably me. But I probably won’t see Hot Fuzz now, since I’m almost as much into the action-cop genre as I am into survival horror.

See also: IMDB, Wikipedia.


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One Response to Shaun of the Dead

  1. aldren says:

    You know, that’s how I felt about Shaun of the Dead, too. So when I heard about Hot Fuzz, I thought “So what?” But I enjoyed the latter, and I wouldn’t discount it based on your opinion of the former.

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