Princess Nine episodes 19–22

[Screenshot]Yay, more Princess Nine. Finally winding down tothe end of the series, so the plot has gotten suffused with drama in an attempt to work out a happy story for everyone. So we have at least two romantic advances of which there was not even a hint before, and finally the actual airing of a love triangle (or rhombus, or something) that msot folks have seen coming from 18 episodes back.

So, an awful lot of seemingly hurried plot development, but, hey, I still like it. Character designs are still warm, and we’ve got some character development on non-primary characters like Hikaru. Could’ve done without the particular character devlopment revolving around Yuki, but, hey, even they spacey girl gets 15 minutes in the limelight I guess.

See also: ADV Films Website, IMDB, Wikipedia, Anime News Network, AniDB.


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