Macskafogó: Not the epitome of awesome

[Screenshot]This one seemed like it had a lot of things I should like. It’s Hungarian. I like Hungarian films. It’s animated. I like animation. But somehow this turned out not to be an inriguingly Eastern-European attempt at animation with meat on its bones, but an ultimately forgettable cartoon.

I have nothing against cartoons, as such: I certainly watch a bunch of them, but they need a certain something. Humor, perhaps. Macskafogó is reminiscent of early American animation, as if the mere act of animating anthropomorphic animals is inherantly funny. Part of this may be the American release: it’s full, I’m given to understand, of culturally-signficant wordplay, and the American release unwisely chose to include an English dub only (hey, at least it’s a new rape of Hungarian cinema). But even the non-linguistic elements seemed ill-chosen: rave reviews indicate it’s meant to be a spoof, and apparently of, among other things, the James Bond archetype, but the lead mouse agent really doesn’t resemble Bond in any way: he dresses casually, has bionic limbs, and only connects closely with one woman.

So, uh, yeah, I got nothing particular to say. It really didn’t inspire comment in any way; it was just a mediocre low-tech animation.

See also: IMDB, Wikipedia.


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