A Passage to India: Between two stools

[Screenshot]It’s the return of the dynamic duo in a sort of unhappy position. David Lean does grand dramas, and Sir Alec Guinness does strong character roles, for the most part. While the decline of the British raj may well be the material of epics, the particular Forster story being told here is not exactly an epic. Merchant-Ivory get this, and would probably have done a better job on this film. Nonetheless, this is a pretty servicable adaptation of the novel, if not an extraordinary movie in its own right. Technically, it’s good—one expects nothing less of Lean—and the acting’s even pretty good, particularly by Victor Banerjee and Dame Peggy Ashcroft. But I can’t help but wish Sir Alec Guinness had a better role than Godbole.

One final word of strong praise for this film: it is a long film, but at no point in watching it did I become impatient or bored. That’s a hard thing to achieve.

See also: IMDB, Wikipedia.


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