Princess Nine episodes 11–18: FIts and starts

[Screenshot]So, more anime I watched a while back and never got around to writing about. The second and further discs frequently have little to be said about them, except “ayup, more of the same”. But P9 has a beginning and an end, so there’s a reasonable expectation that there’d be, y’know, plot development. So with the team assembled we get two impediments: a test game and a scandal. The test-game plot is kind of enh, especially given the bone-headed winning strategy the girls adopt. The scandal’s better, although once again we get perhaps too bright a spotlight on Ryo. But it’s basically her story anyways, which is my one real complaint about this generally charming anime. The DVD opens with the tagline “9 Girls. 9 Dreams.” but we get, at most, 4 of those dreams. Ryo’s, of course, and Izumi’s. Yoko’s, God help us. Maybe Mao’s or Kanako’s. And that’s kind of it. The others have personalities (including a deliberate complete-absence-of-personality in one case), but there’s still not a clear sense of how or why they’re invested in the team’s success, and we’re kind of running out of episodes in which to figure out what makes, say, Hikaru or Seira tick.

That’s my one complaint, though. The girls really are characterized well. And charming, which forgives a multitude of sins.

See also: ADV Films Website, IMDB, Wikipedia, Anime News Network, AniDB.


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