My Neighbors the Yamadas: Marshmallow Fluff

[Screenshot]Man. Never thought I’d say a Ghibli film bored the hell out of me. But My Neighbors the Yamadas did. I just kept waiting for something, anything at all, to happen. It’s sort of like an exceptionally static and not very funny sitcom, only with more haikus. Maybe Takahata should stick to bleakness if this is what happens when he tries to be cheerful. The extremely unusual animation style was a daring change, but, honestly, it doesn’t play to Ghibli’s strengths for detail-work. So between the non-interestingness of the story and the lack of artistic flair, I didn’t get much from this. I guess it’s supposed to be light entertainment, but, honestly, it went on a bit too long for that. If each vignette was shown, say, in between shows on TV, it’d be a charming diversion. Watching them all in a row was just kind of tiring.

Side note: it was so tempting to swap the Netflix sleeves for this and Battle Royale. I mean, they’re both Japanese films. Doesn’t that make them interchangeable?

See also:, IMDB, Wikipedia.


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