Princess Nine episodes 5–10: Sacrifice Bunt

[Screenshot]I already wrote about a lot of the basic design aspects of Princess Nine in a previous entry. Most of the comments from then stand: character design remains charming. The second disc of Princess Nine does suffer a bit from plot bog-down though. While each previous episode tended to have a single recruitment or confrontation, there’s a major Ryo/Izumi drama which develops over several episodes. To the series’ credit, it’s a nontrivial confrontation deserving that sort of exploration, but there’s one training sequence in particular which goes on entirely too long.

Other than the boggeddownedness of the plot, I’m still pretty pleased with the series. Characterization has started to weaken as the cast grows, and a couple of characters have gotten a bit lost in the shuffle: Koharu got a nice detailed introduciton but has hardly been developed since, and Hikaru has never really been fleshed out as a character. Yuki’s character has never been elucidated, but unlike the others, that’s presumably intentional. A couple of the new characters, however, were effectively drawn only a little bit of introduction. Interestingly, they’re the weakest personalities: Mao and Kanako.

Anyways, I’ll keep watching. The team seems all assembled and whatnot, but somehow, there need to be 16 episodes worth of dramatic development between this and the final showdown at Koshien Stadium (I’m assuming that’s how it ends. So much for suspense). I bet they’ll be good, or at least fun.

See also: ADV Films Website, IMDB, Wikipedia, Anime News Network, AniDB.


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