Hellsing episodes 1–6: Bloodlust

[Screenshot]I heard good but nebulous things about Hellsing. The vague reports don’t lie—Hellsing is indeed good, well-drawn and with compelling characters. The plotline is somewhat less compelling, at least at this stage: while the first few episodes drew me in as more character-driven than plot-driven, the assault on the Hellsing estate actually struck me as sort of weak, plotwise. The first three episodes, by contrast, did a marvelous job of introducing and fleshing out characters. Alucard’s character is intriguingly blank, but by intent: he’s best defined by his relation to others. It’s an interesting dynamic for a story, actually, to make the central character a cipher defined solely by the context of his relations to others.

So overall Hellsing is generally recommended, assuming it can get over its plot hiccup and continue to develop in the next few episodes. In addition to its other aforementioned virtues, it’s actually got pretty good incidental and theme music. Apropos sound, the English dub is kind of enh, but, hey, purists go with the sub anyways, right?

See also: IMDB, Wikipedia, Anime News Network, AniDB.


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