Time Bandits: Pythonesque

[Screenshot]More Gilliam. Once again I fall into patterns. I’ve also fallen behind in write-ups, so my memory’s starting to go slightly stale. Anyways, good silly fun, which, intriguingly, straddles the line between Gilliam-like nightmare-fantasy and traditional-Python historical sendup. It occurs to me that the Monty Pythons were at their best with the historical satire: their two best films were, and even some of their best sketches (like the Spanish Inquisition running joke) were send-ups of historical figures. The historical satire, alas, is only a small part of this film, and the rest is sort of spotty. Gilliamlike style and set-design, and generally goo acting, but the story sort of weaves drunkenly to a conclusion. I honestly preferred the beginning. There are themes of free-will, good and evil, religion, and technology, but they didn’t actually seem to go anywhere, just jumble up in a hopeless knot. It’s a good film on the basis of Gillima’s unique styling and the sensational Python humor, but the window-dressing for these strong core elements is a bit weak.

See also: IMDB, Wikipedia.


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