Trois Couleurs: Bleu: Ba da be &c.

[Screenshot]I finally finished the trilogy, and I’m left wondering if I lack the part of my brain in which one appreciates such things.I responded aesthetically, but I wasn’t seeing much happening. To my eyes, Bleu suffers from a flaw akin to one in 2001: Emotional isolation is a good starting point for a story, but setting up that isolation makes for a really boring story. I understood more or less what was being gotten at, with the impossibility of isolation and the ultimate nsatisfactoriness of the attempt, but it just didn’t feel cinematic to me. Which is a shame, because cinematographically, Bleu is, like the other elements of the trilogy, well-crafted, with skilled camerawork and setting and, as noted in my commentary on Rouge, ample shading and scenery evocative of the color. I just needed a greater sense of involvement, I think: The film drops us more-or-less in the middle, where we watch a character of whom we know nothing do very little for a long time. If we knew Julie before her withdrawl, I think I’d respond a lot more empathically, but as it stands, her character is just too much of a cipher for too long, and too inert for her mystery to be a compelling one.

See also: IMDB, Wikipedia.


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